“One is the loneliest number”

When I first got interested in coding I didn’t have anyone to ask questions. It was just me by myself. Sure I know you can StackOverflow but come one sometimes people aren’t very nice. Plus I was starting out and felt very intimidated asking a question for the fear of looking stupid. I live in beautiful Sasebo, Japan. There isn’t a big meet-up group. In fact, there are zero tech groups out in my area. I didn’t know anyone that liked to code or even anyone that was interested in coding. I helped volunteer a playgroup for parents and kids. I was making small talk with a dad in the group. He mentioned that he was taking college classes and I ask what he was learning. He said he was learning about internet security and coding. Coding?! I was so happy that I knew another person that liked to code. I was gone for the summer and when I got back I decided to start with Free Code Camp(FCC). When you setup a Free Code Camp group you have to add people. I only knew one person. The next time I saw Scott I told him I invited him to a group about coding and that is how the Sasebo tech scene was born.




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