Being uncomfortable

I was at the park the other day with my kids for a Cherry Blossom picnic. My friend asked if he could take a picture of me. I automatically told him “No, I rather you not.” I’m not a shy person but I don’t feel comfortable putting myself out there. Which is strange because I don’t have trouble with public speaking. I was a trainer and I have been a flight attendant. I have given talks in front of hundreds of people.

I am transition a new career into tech and one big component of getting a job in tech is whiteboard interviews. A whiteboard interview is where an interviewer asks a technical question(s) that you figure out the solution and handwrite out your code on a whiteboard. Coding and thinking aloud under pressure is really hard! I was considering creating a youtube channel about my journey learning how to code. Recording myself would make me more comfortable while coding out solutions.

A couple of things I think about when you put yourself out there on social media is how terrible people can be. I read these horrible stories about how women are verbally attacked on twitter youtube, and how there aren’t any guidelines to protect people from harassers. So, I ask people be kind and make the world a place a better place. If you make comments be constructive and helpful. Help people grow and get better. #CodeHappy



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