Why I decided to learn software development

-Be the change you wish see in the world.-- Mahatma Gandhi1

My eyes have been open to the limitless opportunities that being in the tech industry has to offer. I have two goals: 1- Get a web developer job and 2- Start a non-profit to help military families get off of food stamps and help military spouses find jobs remotely in the tech industry. We are currently stationed in Sasebo, Japan and I quickly realized how difficult it was to find a job. Being a military spouse overseas is difficult to find work in a foreign country where you don’t know the language or the culture. Many people don’t know this, but military bases overseas must provide the host country job positions on military installations. Around 85-90% of the jobs geared towards local nationals who live in the host country. For spouses to find work in a limited number of positions available is challenging. Most positions that are available are jobs pay minimum wage and that would generally be filled with a teenager back in the United States.

These are the main problems when a family is sent overseas. 1. Military personnel is typically deployed 6-9 months out of the year, which leaves the spouses at home as a single parent. 2. The difficulty to find a job overseas where limited jobs available. 3. The majority of military families survive on a single income, which causes a hardship. I know many military families who qualify for food stamps. There is something wrong when your spouse is serving the United States Military and does not make enough to provide for the family basic necessities. According to an article on CNN.com, there is a rise in military families using food stamps. In 2013 over $103.6 million dollars were to buy basic food staples such as milk, bread, and meat at the military grocery store. Here is another article that food stamps use on the rise among the military. Jobs that are available remotely are mainly in the tech industry. Teaching a skill for an industry that is growing would help military families out greatly. There is a need for more women in technology and there is an abundance of unemployed military spouses that have unique skills-set in problem-solving and working independently.

My ultimate goal is to teach and help military families around the world learn a valuable skill like software development to offer employment opportunity and improve the lives of military families around the world.


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