How learning Swift made me want an iPhone

I have never owned an iPhone. iPhone launch June 2007. It took nine years later for me to finally want an iPhone. I might be one of the fellow people who never desired to own one. I have always preferred the android platform.  I have been learning web development for the past two years but mobile development really fascinates me. So naturally, when I decided I wanted to learn mobile app development I gravitated towards android and learning java. The android platform also has more users globally Android is now used by 1.4 billion people. But when I started using Android Studio I found it clunky and slow. Gradle was a joke and kept crashing when I was building apps.

I was cruising around the apple store and saw iTunes U and apple education. Another great thing is I applied for one of the 50 scholarships WomenWhoCode offered with and iOS3 and swift10 course by Mark Price.  The course so far has been great. I also thoroughly enjoyed  Ray Wenderlich Swift courses. His material is excellent and very easy to follow. The great thing about learning a new language is you get to open another door and explore another world. I’m excited to continue to see what I can build. Next goal is to publish an iOS App.



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