Unpacking and coding are the same

I recently moved from Japan back to San Diego. Moving a family across the globe is a lot of work. Some people say that moving is extremely stressful. That’s an understatement. This is how I felt when we got all of our moving boxes after living out of our suitcases for six weeks.


It was like a bad dream. I would open a box and two more would magically appear. Determination is my middle name. Well, not really but I was determined to have every box unpacked within two weeks. I am happy to say I made my goal with little crying and swearing. Actually, I was cussing like a sailor@#!&!. But I learned from the best. I’m married to the best sailor around. This is similar to coding.  When you start a project it just seems huge. Sometimes you just don’t even know where to start. Here is the trick. Have a plan of attack. I decided to clear one room every day. My kids’ room took two days because holy hell they have a lot of books and toys. You start with the most important room first room.  The room I start is with the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house. Then every night plan on what room you will tackle for the next day. Every room has two boxes. A garbage box and a donate box. Make sure you donate or throw away anything you haven’t touch or used in a year. You clear out all the boxes in one room and when you are done you move onto the next room, then the next, and the next room. Until every room is box free. This is when you do a happy dance. But I didn’t. I just passed out because I was so tired.

The same applies to coding a project.

1. Have a plan of what you want to do

2. Give yourself a deadline. Announce it to the world. (Imagine me doing this with my fist in the air), “I will have my backend dashboard built in a week!”

3. Map out objectives and work on priorities first.

4. Finish one task and then move on to the next one.

5. If you run into a problem or need extra time don’t get discouraged. All you have to do is adjust your timeline or in my case get some help.

It’s easy to put off doing a big project but the key is to create easy and small obtainable goals. Start small and just keep going and the project is complete.


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