How I Got Into Tech

I’ve been studying web developer for two years. I started when I lived in Japan and was looking for a remote job. All the remote job required tech skills I didn’t have. I started to research and wonder was it really that hard to learn? I gave it try and took my first was HTML & CSS on Codecademy. I was hooked and I didn’t stop. The problem was I was all by myself. There weren’t any meet-ups and I didn’t know anyone who worked in tech. I was all alone. (Cue the violin music). I decided to start my own group. A group specifically for Military Spouses who wanted to learn how to code. Hence the name, Military Spouse Coders. (I know not super creative but at least you know what the group is about.) It was just me and then I ran into another parent at playgroup that I volunteered on base. He said he was going to school for internet security and he was coding too. I finally meet someone who knew what Sublime Text was! I had been coding by myself and find tutorials on-line. I decided I wanted to get really serious about coding so I applied to two different coding boot camps that both taught Python. The first one was called Hackbright an all-female school for software engineers in San Franciso. The second was a school called GoCode in Costa Rica that acceptanced 12 students. I was amazed but I got accepted into both. I really think it was a long shot. Because Hackbright acceptance rate was the same as Harvard. After much deliberation, I decided on GoCode for various reasons. They has a small cohort of 12, housing included, the schedule worked better for my family, and hello Costa Rica!

My GoCode experience was difficult, humbling, stressful, and fun. I had an experience I’ll never forget. Learning Python in an intense and face pace environment for 8 weeks was too much for me. There are things I just didn’t get. I was drowning in code. I was in over my head. There was a requirement of 4 weeks of prep work prior to going to Costa Rica. I did all of it and still, I wasn’t prepared. The coursework was too hard for me. I studied and studied but I struggled greatly. My group had people who had already learned Python at school or learn another computer language. Someone in my group had graduated with a Computer Science Degree and had been working in the tech field for seven years already. The people in my cohort had exposure to computer languages and already understood how to ask things worked. I had no clue how things worked and felt like a fish floundering out of water. All the people are wonderful and I am still happy I got the chance to meet them and have that experience.



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