In a place far far way called “the cloud”

I’ve never really understood the ins and outs of “the cloud”. I knew it stored your data, pictures, documents, etc. It always seemed like this mystical place that existed but you weren’t quite sure how it worked. It just seemed magical.


I recently took a free course called “Intro to Cloud Computing” from A Cloud Guru.  

What is the cloud? The cloud is the internet where you can access files, data, email, and photos remotely.

Here are the five essentials characteristics of the cloud.

1- On-demand self-service- A service that can be accessed automatically without a human interaction. For example, it can be an email service provider like gmail or photo storage like Shutterfly.

2-Broad network access- Access available over the network and accessed through various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

3- Resource pooling -A provider’s computing resources are pooled to serve many customers and multi-tenant model that can be accessed on-demand self -service. The customer can select data from the same pool but the customer doesn’t know where the data is located. For example, Amazon Web Service (AWS) lets you choose what country you get your information from. But where the data service center is located in the country or what city you as a customer don’t have a say.

4- Rapid elasticity – Can be elastically provisioned and released, in most cases automatically. To the customer, the service appears unlimited. If you are a customer need more cloud storage you can easily increase the amount automatically. This is where the elastically comes into play. There’s flexibility to go up or down based on your needs.

5- Measured service- Cloud system automatically control and optimize resource by leverage metered service. Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and report. As a customer, you can see how much you are using and how much you are spending. You can actively see what is going and set up your metrics for your business.

If you want to learn more about cloud computing check out A Cloud Guru or Amazon Web Services tutorials.

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